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RE:FW Pluck Yew

Poster: Gene Bonar <grb@fns.com>

Alfredo el Bufon wrote:

> The way I heard it, the Constable of France ordered that captured Welsh bowmen
> would lose the first _two_ fingers of the right hand, and the gesture of
> defiance they made after the upset ...

Correct. Even though you have 2 more fingers, when pulling a 80 to 100
lbs bow it almost impossible to re-train the 2 weakest fingers.  Try
pulling a 30 lbs bow with your ring and little fingers some time.

> ... was the V-for-Victory sign later used by Winston Churchill in WWII.

Incorrect. The British V for Victory hand gesture is the same as the
American peace symbol from the 60's, to wit, a v with the first fingers
with the palm facing the audience.  The other gesture is done with the
back of the hand facing the audience and sharply moving the hand up
about a foot.  It is intended to mean "up yours".
> Maybe the extra finger is just thrown in to make it suitable for television (the way TV
> characters say "freakin'" or "friggin'").

Also incorrect.  The gesture has remained the same for several
centuries, and has not modified for television.  It is simply not as
offensive a symbol as giving someone the finger is here in the US.  

In honor to archers of the pass myself and other archers in the WHBAC
(death from a distance tm) occationally use the gesture to taunt heavies
in a battle.  It safer than baring ourselves as they did in Braveheart.

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