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Re: Vocal projection in court

Poster: riograce@mindspring.com (Joy M. Herring)

Poster: Corun MacAnndra <corun@access.digex.net>

>Liam brings up an excellent point....


>The second part of the solution is vocal training. I have taught one
>class at University on a breathing exercise for vocal training. It was
>very well received and attended, though the time was far too short to
>continue into the more advanced aspects of this technique. ...
>I can teach this technique to any heralds (or anyone interested) who desire

I have attended only a few events, and thus only a few courts, but I've
never had a problem hearing or understanding the heralds.  I *have* had a
problem hearing the royals, however.  I realize that shouting at the
person(s) receiving awards or honors would be graceless and uncomfortable,
but if the person being honored would keep a small distance between
him/herself and the Crown, then His/Her Majesty could praise that person
clearly, loud enough for all to hear and be impressed <g>, then when HRM
approached to present the award itself, he/she could utter a few quiet words
of appreciation to the recipient.

I encourage anyone who is able to take advantage of Corun's offer of vocal
instruction --- you will find it invaluable both in *and* out of the SCA!  :-)

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