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Re: court

Poster: "Thorpe, John" <thorpj@caepo1.columbiaSC.NCR.COM>

Responds Lord Leifr to rave:
>Good gentle, you ask:

>> My question is this: if so many people are not
>> going to court, why are they always so overcrowded?

>Sometimes they are crowded because they are held right in the middle of
>the event, in the only large hall available, and people not interested
>have really no other place to go.

I wonder if I only perceive a regional occurrence.  I rarely am able to
travel much further than Sacred Stone and Hidden Mountain  with
occasional forays to Windmaster's Hill.  When I speak of Courts,
I refer to both Baronial and Royal Courts.  Royal Courts are usually
well attended by people at the event.  I have been to a couple of
Royal Courts that appeared to be lightly attended.  Baronial Courts
get skipped out on by more people--usually by those not of that barony.
What happened to getting to know your neighbors???

>Not that this helps of course.  I was told after field court at Pennsic
>that the backrows couldn't hear my poem to Xenaphon.  Certainly that was
>a court where everyone wanted to be there and there were no reason not to
>hear the speakers.  So in this case, it was my fault.  Obviously, I need
>to take Baron Corun's class.

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