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Poster: LORNABAKER@aol.com

I have always loved court. I am so pleased to go to those after court to
praise them for their award, whether I have ever met them before or not. I do
my best to be close enough to hear what has happened. I do recognize that
court is pretty boring if you can't hear what is going on. I therefore
encourage all to learn the sign language that is available at many courts.
Vivant to those who do and teach this.
This may be a time to interject a comment on those who verbally object to
someone else receiving an award.
I have always been in opposition to those who prolitherate sour grapes when
someone else has received recognition. The Crown and /or Their
representatives can not be everywhere. They rely so much on others to
recommend those who have done good works. We are so blessed to have so many
who do so much with no expectations for anything. When I hear someone @#%#$
and moaning about someone else receiving recognition for their efforts I want
to go ballestic and tear said moaner apart. I have always felt that if you
feel someone should be rewarded you should send a recommendation to your
Baronial head and/or the Crowns directly. If you are #!%#@ and moaning about
someone else receiving accolades you may not be as wonderful  as you think
you are. Let others tell the hats how wonderful you are. It could be that you
were to be next in line, but you s#$% on  yourself by dumping on someone else
and no one will recommend you for anything.
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