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Re: [MR] Braveheart

Poster: Corun MacAnndra <corun@access.digex.net>

Leifr wrote:
>Actually, Wallace could have fathered a child on the Princess.  She did 
>not carry a child TO TERM until six years after Wallace's death.  She 
>could have conceived, and miscarried a child before then.  Since Prince 
>Edward would have known the child was not his, having not yet gotten up 
>the gumption (is that the word?) to fulfill his marrital and dynastic 
>duties, the pregency would have quite likely to have been kept quiet.

I am not sure whether it's possible for a 4-7 year old (as Tibor pointed
out) to get pregnant, much less miscarry. Of course there's one other
nitpick that I forgot to mention. The Princess (both in reality and in the
film) was a Princess Royal, and would not have been allowed to go about
without an armed escort and Ladies in Waiting all the time. Makes it tough
to get to a tryst with the leader of an armed rebellion. Given the presumed
age range of the Princess, I would suspect that this would have applied much
more strongly for a Royal Child.

In service,

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