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On Tue, 21 Jan 1997 Medievalbk@aol.com wrote:

> Fun reading.
> Now I want documentation.
> Not in criticism--I want to find the sources for resale.
> Vilyehm
> G. F. Armoury Books
> medievalbk@aol.com
> http://www.interloc.com/~medieval

As I said previously, my DIRECT source was the recording _The Feast of
Fools_, by the New London Consort, as directed by Philip Pickett (the
author of the quote I posted).  This is a recording of some of the music
that may have been performed during this celebration.  In their CD jacket,
they give these sources (and I quote):

SOURCES (music)
London BL Egerton 2615 _Beavais Officium Circumcisionis_
Sens Bibl. Mun. Codex Senon. 46A _Missel des Fous_ of Sens
Munich Univeritatsbibl. 2-156 _Moosburg Gradual_
Munich Bayr. Staatsbibl. Clm 4660/4660a _Carmina Burana_
Florence Bibl. Laurenziana Pluteus 29.1
Burgos Codex de las Huelgas
Wolfenbuttel Herzog-August Bibl. Helmst. 628
Cambridge Univ. Lib. Ff 1,17

SOURCES (historical background)
E.K. Chambers _The Medieval Stage_ Oxford 1903
K. Young _The Drama of Medieval Church_ Oxford 1933
W. Smoldon _The Music of the Medieval Church Dramas_ Oxford 1980

These are all of the sources they list.  Hope this helps some.

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