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Poster: Bryn Watkins <bryn@tibinc.com>

There's a modern tradition in England that sounds a lot like this- christmas
Panto, short for Pantomime, even though they talk all through the whole
thing.  Basically it's camp theatre, where the men all dress up as women,
but they do it really badly, like Graham Chapman of Monty Python, and they
make absolutely horrible jokes, and the audience participates in a big way,
and everyone makes really rotten jokes, and it's all a load of fun.  They
act out children's fairy tales, like Puss in Boots or Jack and the
Beanstalk, and so on, but this is only done at christmas time.
Sounds like the Feast of Fools contributes at least some ancestry to this
particularly the christmas season part, and the hamming it up, and so on.   
Sounds like fun :)
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