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Southern 12th Night in Cyddlain Downs

Poster: NCTortoise@aol.com

Hello, tavern regulars!

I attended my first event in Columbia, SC, this past weekend, and had a
wonderful time.  The hospitality was delightful and the feast excellent,
especially the hedgehogs with quills.  I made many new friends and renewed
old acquaintainces.  (vivats to Johann and family)  Everyone was friendly and
charming, from the handsome baron and his lovely baroness to the headcook
Judith to the court jester whose name escapes me now.  :->

Southern 12th Night may have been my first event in Cyddlain Downs (Cola, SC)
but based on my positive experience, it shan't be my last.  I encourage all
Atlantians to see for yourselves the good times of which I speak.  I also
send a special thanks to Alden Goodlad for providing crash space and for
being a kind escort.

In service to the kingdom,

Bridgit of Willowood      
Canton of the Guardians of the Sacred Stone  
(Trish Johnson, Charlotte, NC)
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