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Kingdom Event A&S

Poster: "Terry L. Neill" <71035.3227@CompuServe.COM>

I like both the idea of announcing far ahead the category of A&S competitions
(so people have time to make a project in that category) and having a wider
wange of categories so that more people may enter.

On individuals organizing A&S competitions/displays in addition to the
"official" one, I would also suggest that they contact the autocrat and/or the
MoA&S of the local group sponsoring the event to make sure there is space and
time - the local group may already have something planned and at the least the
autocrat will have to arrange tables and space for an additional A&S competition
or display. 

Everyone please remember that even though this is a "kingdom" event, you are
still the guests of the local group.

				Ana Ilevna, MoA&S
				Caer Mear

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