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Poster: "Terry L. Neill" <71035.3227@CompuServe.COM>

To the gentles on the waiting list of my nalbinding class at Universtiy,

The monthly Caer Mear Arts & Sciences Saturday is going to be on *Sunday* in
April - the day after Coronation - and will be a "play with string" day at the
home of Tangwystl ferch Dafydd (Shauna Harvey) open to all the Populace of
Atlantia. Crash space will be provided for out-of-town people who wish to stay
over and attend this.

I will be teaching 2 sessions of Nalbinding, plus there will be classes in
tapestry weaving, card weaving, inkle weaving, sprang, knitting, wool combing
and drop spinning, and whatever "string" subjects we get any interest in and an
instructor for! Lady Tangwystl's house has 4 or 5 "Interest areas", so we will
be running small classes simultaneously throughout the day.

Robear (Lady Tangwystl's spouse) is a heavy fighter, so I suppose any Signifcant
Others who want to come and whack would probably be welcome to retire to the
back yard if the weather is fine.

Bring any materials you have and a pot luck to share with the group.

If anyone wishes more info or for us to arrange crash space, please contact me.

				Lady Ana Ilevna, MoA&S
				Caer Mear

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