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Another A&S Idea

Poster: "Terry L. Neill" <Neilltl@ptsc.slg.eds.com>

Here's something I pulled off An Tir's list that makes for thought-provoking

Yet another possible way to do A&S.

        - Anarra

Read these words and Know the will of Ataias and Hlutwige, Lord and Lady
Three Mountains.

It is our sincere desire and responsibility to increase the Arts and
Sciences in these our lands we hold in fief for Their Majesties An Tir.
After due consideration and consultation with our officers and peers of our
Barony, we hereby set for all to see the criteria by which we shall choose
our Champion of Arts and Sciences. This Champion will have the right to
stand by our side, companion to our champion, our champion of the bow, and
our champion of the rapier. Further will our champion have the right to
advise us concerning the direction of our lands, the enrichment and
continuation of the Arts and Sciences and wear regalia appropriate to a
Champion of Three Mountains.

This endeavor is open to any who wish to participate. We must receive a
letter of intent in your own hand by February 15 at Irish Feast in the
Shire of Rivers Bend. The letter should include who you are, what your
entries will be and why you wish to vie for the position of Champion to the
oldest Barony in An Tir.

Know also these things:
Whomsoever proves victorious in this contest will be a representative of
these lands of Three Mountains and must swear an oath of fealty to the
Barony, must attend us at least four official Three Mountains events during
their year as champion, must sponsor at least one A&S competition during
their year as champion, must aid the Baron and Baroness and the Minister of
Arts and Sciences in the organization of next years tournament to choose
their successor, must attend the cumulation of next years tournament.

The competition requirements are as follows:

All entrants must enter 2 Arts, 2 Sciences and 1 Performance.


Organic; (2 entries) ex., culinary, herbal, woodwork, scribal/bookwork,
needlework, bead work, basketry, costuming, embellishment, brewing, essay
in a period style (unlimited words, must be hand written in a period style).

Inorganic; (2 entries) ex., metalwork, pewterwork, jewelry, armor, weapons,
cartography, bead making, glass work, minting of coins.

Performance; (1 entry) ex., musical, juggling, storytelling, song,
recitation (poetry or prose, medieval or produced by entrant).

Each competitor must have a minimum of 3 and a maximum of 5 separate items.
These items must qualify in 5 categories.

Judging will be done following these basic guidelines:

Documentation. The documentation of each entry must not exceed 2 pages
(typed) which does not include attachments and bibliography.

Construction. Explanation of construction, why and how entries construction
may differ from period practice (ex., used cotton thread rather than silk).

Artistry. Competent technique, aesthetics pleasing (ex., color match)

Workmanship. Actual mechanics of each entry. Appropriate materials (ex.,
finish work, filing).

Oral Presentation. Enthusiasm of presentation, confidence on subject,
knowledge and explanations.

Judges Discretion. Self explanatory.


Letters of Intent are due by Irish Feast, February 15, Shire of Rivers Bend.

First entry is due at March Phoenix (date not set).

Second and Third entries are due at April Phools Phoenix and Heralds
Symposium, April 19, Three Mountains.

Fourth and Fifth entries are due at Champions Tournament, (tentatively May
9-11, Three Mountains) where all performance entries will be presented
during the feast.

All entries must be displayed so that the populace may view them.

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