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Inter-Kingdom Anthropology

Poster: edh@ascc01.ascc.lucent.com (Ed Hopkins)

Lady Anarra Karlsdottir presented a posting pulled
from An Tir's Cathedral Steps, which reads, in part:

> Read these words and Know the will of Ataias and Hlutwige, Lord and Lady
> Three Mountains.
> It is our sincere desire and responsibility to increase the Arts and
> Sciences in these our lands we hold in fief for Their Majesties An Tir.
>                                                  [..] we shall choose
> our Champion of Arts and Sciences. This Champion will have the right to
> stand by our side, companion to our champion, our champion of the bow, and
> our champion of the rapier.
> [...]

This raises some questions in my mind:

* Why do Ataias and Duchess Hlutwige style themselves "Lord and Lady
  Three Mountains" rather than "Baron and Baroness of Three Mountains" ?

* Is the name "Hlutwige" related to "Ludwig" ?

* In this list:
    > our champion,
    > our champion of the bow, and
    > our champion of the rapier
  should the first champion mentioned be called something like
  "our champion of the sword", or "our champion of heavy", or
  "our real champion" ?

* Are these champions Three Mountains' equivalents for the
  Sergeants, Yeomen, Gallants, and Courtiers of other Baronies
  in An Tir?

-- Alfredo

Alfredo el Bufon
Elvegast, Windmaster's Hill, Atlantia

Him tha ellenrof  andswarode,         |Him, the strength-famed   answered,
wlanc Wedera leod,  word aefter spraec|wlonk Geat leader,  word after spoke
heard under helme:  "We synt Higelaces|hard under helm:  "We are Hygelac's
beodgeneatas;  Beowulf is min nama.   |table-companions;  Beowulf is my name.
Wille ic asecgan  sunu Healfdenes,    |I wish to tell  Healfdene's son,
maerum theodne  min aerende,          |the famous prince,  my errand,
aldre thinum,  gif he us geunnan wile |thy lord,  if he will not begrudge us,
thaet we hine swa godne  gretan moton.|that we, with his good self,  may speak."

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