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Re: Inter-Kingdom Anthropology

Poster: "Terry L. Neill" <Neilltl@ptsc.slg.eds.com>

edh@ascc01.ascc.lucent.com (Ed Hopkins) wrote:

>* Why do Ataias and Duchess Hlutwige style themselves "Lord and Lady
>  Three Mountains" rather than "Baron and Baroness of Three Mountains" ?

I don't know.

>* Are these champions Three Mountains' equivalents for the
>  Sergeants, Yeomen, Gallants, and Courtiers of other Baronies
>  in An Tir?

No.  Although it has been ... um, ... 10 years since I last lived in An Tir, I
do know that Sergents, Yeomen, Gallants and Courtiers exist in Three Mountains
(2.75 Mountains?? ;) just as in other Baronies.  I have a friend who's one.

>From the context, I would assume that 3M chooses a champion in each weapons
form and still has the S/Y/G/Cs on top of that.  Now they are choosing an A&S

It must get a mite crowded behind them thar thrones!

        - Anarra

By the Way - I notice that Lady Ana Ilenva is posting today.  Do not be
confused that her posts say they are from "Terry L. Neill".  She is using
our Compuserve Account which has my name on it.  I'll get that fixed soon.

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