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FW: REVISED: Upcoming Storvik/Roxbury A

Poster: PETERSR@spiegel.becltd.com (Peters, Rise J.)

Speaking of A&S activities:

On Feb. 4th, in the evening, Storvik and Roxbury Mill will host an A&S 
workshop at Nina Demere's house.  The subject will be calligraphy, and 
especially basic calligraphy for total beginners, novices, or those whose 
skills have grown rusty.  I'm suggesting that, for those who haven't already 
mastered a particular style, we start off working on Carolingian minuscules, 
one of the most fundamental calligraphic hands.

One can use either a dip pen or a fountain pen; if you have calligraphic 
pens of either type, please bring them.  I'll have copies of the 'ductus' 
(or way of writing) Carolingian minuscule, ink, and paper.  I'll also bring 
some pens for those who do not have their own  (if you are going to need me 
to bring you a pen, please e-mail me so I can pick up enough).

One goal of this workshop is for us to develop the basic calligraphic skill 
necessary to participate in the upcoming (TA-DAH!) Storviki Scriptorum, 
which will be happening each Fourth Tuesday in conjunction with the Baronial 
At-Home at the home of the Baroness (by her kind invitation), beginning 
February 25th.

Directions to Nina's and to Baroness Brenna's are in the Drekkar, or are 
available from me by e-mail.

If you receive more than one copy of this post, please accept my apologies.

     Lady Caitlin Cheannlaidir, by the Grace of Their Excellancies
     Minister of Arts & Sciences for the Barony of Storvik

"The basic error in what we have called the illusion of culture is the 
assumption that art is something to be done by a special kind of man, and 
particularly that kind of man whom we call a genius.  In direct opposition 
to this is the normal and human view that art is simply the right way of 
making things, whether symphonies or aeroplanes.  The normal view assumes, 
in other words, not that the artist is a special kind of man, but that every 
man who is not a mere idler and parasite is necessarily some kind of artist, 
skilled and well contented in the making or arranging of some one thing or 
another according to his constitution and training."  Ananda Coomaraswamy

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