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upcoming Pas de Arms event

Poster: Neil Maclay <nmaclay@psi.prc.com>

My Man of Arms Christopher Hare asked me to circulate
the following event anouncement:

For May 10, 1997 The Barony of Ponte Alto invites all
gentiles to a Pas de Arms wherein King Arthur and his
knights will defend against all comers. A dagger shall 
be awarded to the fighter displaying the greatest 
chivalry and prowess at arms. Said champion will be 
chosen by the tourney participant. A drinking horn shall
be awarded by the ladies to the fighter making the most
impressive entrance and challenge. The lady who best
exemplifies the feminine ideal in face, figure, deportment
and costume shall be chosen as Queen of Love and Beauty.

This event has a dual purpose. First, we will provide SCA 
men at arms with the means to display their skill, to be
the best they can be. Second, the event is being videataped
for television broadcast. We Will capture the grandeur and
glory fo the current middle ages that we may better explain 
it to the mundane world and expand the known. Our aim is
to enjoy ourselvs producing a product requiring significant
non SCA resources in labor and equipment.

A lunch and a feast will be served. There shall be mirth
and revelry when the day's work is done. 

The site is Lake Fairfax Park. Make your way to I-495 in
nothern Virginia and take exit 12. Go west on the Washington
Dulles toll Rd (Rt 267). Take exit 14 to go north on Hunter
Mill Rd (Rt 674). Go left on Baron Cameron Ave. Take your
first left onto Lake Fairfax Dr and follow the SCA signs to
the site. Toll on the toll road is 75 cents. to reserve
camping at the park call (703)471-5415 or fax (703)471-1932.
The site is dry.

The autocrat is: 
	Thomas of Calais (mka Thomas Hundley)
	6380 Edsall Rd #204
	Alexandria VA 22312
phones - work (703)354-6123 , home (703)751-2101

The television producer is:
	Christopher Hare (mka C. Harrop)
	4505 Twinbrook Rd.
	Fairfax VA 22032
phone - (703)978-9174

The video tape and TV broadcast are soley the product of
C. Harrop and Associates. 

Further detail will be in upcoming editions of the Acorn.

The wording of this anoucement is Christopher's but
the typos are mine.

This promises to be a fun and spiff event. I hope
to see many of you there.

	Malcolm MacMalcolm
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