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Re: spiffy historical web site

Poster: Suzanne Metzler <0002152178@mcimail.com>

Just forwarding an interesting web site message from a friend

Tehair/Sue Metzler

From:     stacey jill wahrman
          EMS: INTERNET / MCI ID: 376-5414
          MBX: wahrman@wam.umd.edu

Since all you illumination people are conveniently gathered together, I'll
let you all know that my father just mailed me an article he clipped from
the New York Times on a huge exhibition in NYC on illuminated manuscripts,
partially inspired by the publication of a new book, "The Illuminated
Manuscripts of Medieval Spain" by Mireille Mentre.  The Met will have an
exhibition of "The Glory of Byzantium," 50 books of "exotic illuminations"
from March 6 to July 6.  The Pierpont Morgan will have "Medieval Best
Seller:  The Book of Hours," from Sept (97, I assume) until Jan 1998, and
Ursus Rare Books in the Carlyle Hotel (never heard of it) has "Princely
Magnificence," 50 illuminated 13th-15th century manuscripts until Feb 8
(aka real soon).

Even the black-and-white photo reproduction in the artice of a manuscript
page looks spiffy.  If you're anywhere near NYC anytime in about the next
year, this looks like a once in a lifetime citywide exhibition.  I just
remembered why I miss living in NY.  


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