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[ALERT] FW: New Scam ...

Poster: "Thorpe, John" <thorpj@caepo1.columbiaSC.NCR.COM>

I got this via internal company e-mail.  This came from Dayton, OH,
but someone could try it where you are, so be alert folks!

Subject: New Scam ...
Date: Thursday, January 30, 1997 9:13AM

If you have seen this message before, then please disregard.

 There is a big scam going on where a person calls and says that they are
 doing a computer survey from a company.  The company name that they give is
 usually a big well-known software company, and they usually say that they
 are doing the survey because they want to give out free software.   They
 want to know what would be a good time for someone to come from their
 company and install the software on your PC.  They also ask questions about
 income, etc.

 During their questioning, they (unknowingly to you) find out what time
 you're usually home, what kind of computer equipment you have and all
 sorts of other valuable information.  At a company where a friend of
 mine works, a co-worker of his received one of these calls, and he was
 robbed the very next day (of course, when he was not home).  I received a
 similar call yesterday afternoon.   Fortunately, I knew about this ahead of
 time, and we didn't provide them with any information.

 I want to make you all aware of the situation and the potential danger
 Involved in giving out any information like this over the phone.  The
 people sound very genuine, and very few people are going to question
 receiving free software.  I would advise you, however, to tell the
 people that if they have your phone number, they should have your
 address (we think they're getting it off the internet somehow), and
 they can mail you any free software they might be offering.  If you have a
 home computer set-up, you should be familiar with installing  your own
 software.  You may even want to tell them you don't have a  home computer.
 Whatever you're comfortable with.  Please don't give out any information
 that you may regret later.  Pass this information along to friends and
 family members, as well.  The fewer people they are able to scam, the

 Thank you
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