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Re: [ALERT] FW: New Scam ...

Poster: Scott Law <law@fluky.mitre.org>

>Poster: Donald DiPaula <dipaula@access.digex.net>

>>  I want to make you all aware of the situation and the potential danger
>>  Involved in giving out any information like this over the phone.  The
>>  people sound very genuine, and very few people are going to question
>>  receiving free software.
>i for one would certainly question anyone offering to come to my home for
>any reason.  that's the part that makes no sense and would alarm anyone
>that they actually tried this on.  therefore, i don't believe it's really

  Well, actually that's not an uncommon sales ploy.  I just recently got an
offer for one of those meat delivery places (yeah, sure, what's the name?  I
think it was Primo Meats, but I didn't bother to write it down).  And, yes, 
he was going to give me free samples of his wares.  I also had a siding 
salesman call just last night offering to come out and give me a free estimate.
Admittedly, it wasn't a survey for giving out free software (which does seem a
tad odd), but saying that it makes no sense for anyone offering to come to your
house seems a bit extreme...

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