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FW: New Book - Medieval Furniture Construction - revised post

Poster: Gregory Stapleton <gregsta@MICROSOFT.com>

Check out the website listed below for more information.  I should have 
this book in my hot little hands sometime tomorrow. :-)  If people are 
interested, I'll let you know what I think of it.
Gawain Kilgore

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Subject:	New Book - Medieval Furniture Construction - revised post

	Poster: Mariea Dillenkofer <stassja@falconsafety.com>

This is a revised posting from my friend, Brendan who asked that I forward 
it to the list on more time. :)

**New Posting includes Website and European contact information. ** Please 
reply provately to:
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I want everyone to know about a new book that has been published, and I 
hope many will find of great use and wish to possess.
CONSTRUCTING MEDIEVAL FURNITURE; Plans and Instructions, with Historical 
Notes by Dan Diehl, aka Captain/Abbot Frederick von Schwartzbourg.
This wonderful book specifically discusses the constuction of medieval 
furniture as found  in Castles, Abbeys, and Monasteries.  Dan Diehl has 25 
years of experience making cabinetry and working as a restoration Artist. 
 He has traveled to England three times over two years to research the 
pieces for this book, specifically chosing pieces, where possible, that are 
still within the environments they were originally created for.  He 
photographed each piece and took very careful measurements of all 
 dimensions and details, which he then recreated into an understandable 
translation of their construction.  This text is an original work without 
precedence, and is realistically a secondary reference resource (a primary 
reference work being Dan's personal examination of the pieces, but we'd 
have to BE Dan).
The book begins with three chapters that tell you what you need to know in 
order to complete the furniture projects.  The First chapter addresses 
woodworking, the Second concerns metalworking, and the Third chapter 
discusses finishes and surface treatments.  Each of the remaining chapters 
is an examination of a single piece of furniture: A photo of the original, 
a description of the construction and history of the piece, a chart which 
outlines how many parts you need to create the particular project, along 
with specific dimensions.  Each chapter concludes with detailed elevations 
of the chapter's subject with all dimensions marked, and detail works 
examined (such as dimensions of hardware pieces).  Where applicable any 
carvings from the originals have been recreated in detailed line drawings 
for addition to the furniture projects.  The furniture pieces progress from 
simple to more difficult as you advance through the chapters.
The book is 180 pages in 19 chapters, paperback, and costs $19.95 (U.S. 
 funds) and $4.00 shipping and handling charges, for a total of $23.95.  PA 
residents add 6% PA sales tax. The publisher is Stackpole Books, ISBN 
Cheques or Money Orders ONLY.  I'm  sorry, but at this time I am not set up 
to accept credit cards.  Make your cheque or money order payable to Robert 
You can also go to Dan Diehl's WEBSITE at :
(  http://users.aol.com/bbrisbane/  ) for further information.
So why am I selling these??  Dan is a very good friend of mine and I'm 
doing this as a special favor to him because he is not here to market them 
himself.  I get the books directly through the author, and so every book 
sold through me is profit in Dan's pocket rather than in the retailer's. 
 Afterall, he did do all the research and leg-work.  Dan Diehl currently 
resides in York, England where he writes, and has plans to publish a second 
work on Medieval Furniture in the future.
Constructing Medieval Furniture, by Dan Diehl, can also be purchased 
through my merchanting business, Brendan's Banners.  You can find me at 
Estrella War, AEthelmearc Crown Tourney, Pennsic XXVI,  and AEthelmearc 
Coronation to name a few.
If you are interested in placing an order . . . . . .
Send Checks or Money orders to:
Korby Art Studios, c/o Bob Rich, 1211 Logan Avenue, Tyrone PA 16686, 
(again, made payable to Robert Rich)
Oxbow Books
Park End Place
+44-1865-241249 Phone
+44-1865-794449 Fax

Master Brendan Brisbane
------------- People who are cheerful in the morning are really making 
------------- a desperate plea for psychological help.

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