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Re: Directions to University

Poster: many waters cannot quench love <lisa@technomancer.com>

anarra posted asking for information about university, and a good gentle
(with all helpful intent, i'm certain) referred her to the december acorn.

i realize that this may be a minor nitpick, but i was quite dismayed to
realize that neither the january nor the february acorn had ANY
information about university other than contact info for the autocrat and
a referral back to the december acorn - nor does the event information in
the online acorn contain anything except the catalog. 

i can see not wanting to post the entire university catalog in all three
issues of the acorn for space reasons, but having the event announcement
(timespan? place? site restrictions, if any? DIRECTIONS?) in each acorn
is, in my not remotely humble opinion (*grin*), both justifiable and
highly desirable.

as for the acorn on the web, i would prefer to see the actual event
announcement in the calendar of events, with a link to the catalog, but
that's just me.  however it's organized, tho, having the event
announcement available would be a Really Good Thing(tm)...  (and if i'm
being a bonehead and it's up there somewhere, i just missed it, PLEASE
feel free to email me & tell me so!)

'course, i wouldn't be NEARLY so crotchety if i hadn't loaned my december
acorn to someone back in december and never gotten it back.  any kind soul
want to give me directions from raleigh, nc?  *wry grin*

					hoping not to get iced over
					on the way there,


lisa lorenzin                  every normal man must be tempted, at times,
lisa@technomancer.com          to spit on his hands, hoist the black flag,
http://www.1000plus.com/lisa/  and begin slitting throats.  - h.l. mencken

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