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Re: Directions to University

Poster: Elizabeth Urbanik <eurbanik@leo.vsla.edu>

According to Terry L. Neill:
> There are no directions for University in the January Acorn and no
> directions on the web page and my February Acorn has not yet arrived.
> Does anyone have directions to the hotel and the site for University?
> Does anyone have the phone number of the hotel?  That's not in the January
> Acorn either.

>From the North:
Take US Hwy. 29 South to Danville, VA. At Blairs, you will see
the bypass -- DO NOT TAKE IT! Stay in the right lane and go
through Blairs. This takes you straight into Danville, where 29
becomes Piney Forest Rd. Just stay on this. You'll go over the
Dan River and begin to go up a hill. Sacred Heart School is on
your left after you go under the bridge, with the high school
on the right. For easy memorization, once you've crossed the
river, Sacred Heart is at the first light.

>From the South (Greensboro and parts west):
Get to Greensboro. Take US 29 North (Note: there's a confusing
exit arrangement. You'll come first to an exit which seems to
be the right one, but you really want the one for Reidsville,
which comes afterwards). After about 45 min. (depending on your
speed) you'll come to the exit for Danville. Take this, which
puts you on West Main St. Stay on this, but stay in the left
lane (just so you don't get mixed up later on). When you pass a
weirdly-shaped church on the left, the road curves down and to
the left, where there's an intersection. Go through this and
down the hill, and you're now on Memorial Blvd. Stay on this
until you start to go up another hill(you'll have run along the
river for a while). You want to take the exit for 86
South/Chapel Hill/Yanceyville (I'm not exactly sure of its
labelling, but this is where it would take you). The Sacred
Heart School will be on the left after you merge into traffic,
so be careful.

>From the South (Chapel Hill and parts east):
Take 86 North to Yanceyville and thence to Danville (there's a
little jog in Hillsborough you'll need to watch out for, bt
it's not hard). You'll pass the hospital on your right, and the
School will be on the right not too long after. If you cross
the river, you've gone too far and will need to turn around on
Piney Forest or go down to Riverside Drive and loop back.

>From Roanoke and parts west in VA:
Take 220 South to Martinsville, and thence to 58 East to
Danville (don't ask for specifics for Martinsville exits :)
Once in town you want to exit right to cross the river, the
sign will be for 29 South, I believe. (If you don't catch this
one, continue on Riverside Dr. until you come to the exit for
86 South/Chapel Hill/Yanceyville.) Turn left at the light once
you're over the river, and follow the directions for From the
South -- Greensboro.

>From the eastern parts of VA:
All I can do is tell you to take 58 West to Danville. This
turns into Riverside Dr. Continue on and take the exit to 86
South, etc. Follow directions for From the South -- Greensboro.

>From Richmond and that area NE:
Take 95 south to 360. Go West on that until you come to South
Boston. Then get on 58 West and go to Danville; follow
directions for From the Eastern Parts of VA.

This is on Piedmont Dr., which you can get to from Piney
Forest. Following most of these directions, you'll see HoJo on
top of the hill at the mall.

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