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re: When is it, Part two

Poster: TamsinBark@aol.com

Dear Lord, please accept a minor correction to your posting on the list
copied below.- Boar Hunt _not_ Boat Wars is scheduled for October 18 at Kings
Mountain.  We hope to see many people there..Keep your eyes posted for
upcoming info in the Acorn  :)

In Service,

Lady Tamsin Barker
who is drinking diet pepsi (wishes it was diet coke) AND
most definately is not pinching anyone (atleast in the immediate area) <g>

IN THE POSTING, You wrote......
Poster: Gene Bonar <grb@fns.com>

Hello Rosettes,

OK yesterday I wrote a playful letter that was largely misunderstood.  I
wrote that I and others were swilling diet coke, pinching women and
wanting to now when Boar Hunt and Boat wars were.  Let me clarify.

We weren't REALLY pinching women.  I was the only one swilling diet
coke. And the questions I had were;

First, since there has been a conflict between Boat Wars and Emerald
Joust, the autocrat of Boat Wars has decided to move the date of the
event.  I would like to know what the new date is.  Furthermore, Umstead
Park, the site of last year's Boat Wars, was throughly trashed by Fran,
and to my knowledge, there have not been sufficient repairs to use the
site this year. I would like to know if that is true and if so what the
new site will be.

Second, because Fran caused Sacred Stone's Baronial brithday party to be
moved to much later in the year, there was some talk that Boar Hunt
might be canceled this year.  I wanted to know if this is true.  I was
informed by Tamsin Barker, seneschal, that Boat Wars will be Oct 18 -
not the 11th as it was posted in the Acorn.  

Eogan mac Ailpein
Member of Windmaster's Hill Baronial Archer Corps (WHBAC pronouced
"wayback")  ...death from a distance
Eogan mac Ailpein, Proto-Highlander Mid-800s           
Elvegast, Windmaster's Hill, Atlantia       
mka  Gene Bonar  grb@fns.com  919 772 1112 

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