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Viking Longships

Poster: "Terry L. Neill" <Neilltl@ptsc.slg.eds.com>

Hi all -

I've been bouncing this around in my head for a while debating whether to 
put it on the list.  But I figured that it *is* in our time period, even 
if it's not SCA, and a good portion of folks would probably be interested.

So -

The Longship Company, Ltd. is a non-profit incorporated in the State of 
Maryland.  I am the treasurer.  We own two Viking Longships - the 
Fyrdraca and the Gyrfalcon.  Some of you may have seen the Gyrfalcon at 
Emerald Joust last year or at Viking Thyng.

The Fyrdraca is much larger.  She is 32 feet and holds a maximum crew of 24. 
She is docked at a marina in Solomon's Island, MD.

We launch her in April or May and haul her out of the water in early 
December.  Between December and April we do maintenance and re-paint her.

Between Launch and Winter lay-up we hold two voyages a month on the 
Patuxent River near Solomon's Island.  Voyages are generally the second 
Saturday and fourth Sunday of the month.  The final 1997 Voyage schedule 
will be set at our April 19th Annual Meeting.

If you are interested in becoming a member or attending a voyage or (even 
more fun! ;) a work party, please contact me at this address or at 

Have you wondered what it was like to sail a square-sailed ship?  Come 
enjoy the thrill of sailing the only wooden Viking ship on the East Coast!

        - Terry L. Neill
          Anarra Karlsdottir
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