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NEW SCA Genealogy Listserve...

Poster: macliam@nauticom.net

Aye there lads and lasses its ME....Connor!!

Well now.. thanks to me good friend Lord Macsen ap Rhys of Wyvernhall, who
was good enough to set this up for me, I am happy to tell ya all that we now
have an SCA listserver for SCAdian genealogy!!!

It will be a place to subscribe to help each other develp and research our
SCAdian roots.  

Knowing your ancestery is both exciting and rewarding as well as an
educational process...  You may fight the way your Knight or Master
fights...but who taught them those moves??  You may do Illumination with a
special flair or style that was handed down to you from your Peer or your
Fosterpeer...who was it that taught them the technique? 

Macsen and I are also working to try to find a way to organize the
information so that we can archive it for online research and study. (any
suggestions would be greatfully appreciated!)

To be part of this list all you need to do is send email to 

with the message


on the first line of the message body. No other text should be in the message.
So whats this all about and what am I looking for as far as the reserach I
am doing on my SCA-FAMILYTREE.  Here are the guidelines that I have started

What is being done here is an SCA Family Tree.  What started out as a simple
question on my SCAdian liniage has developed into a full blown epic project
that is taking me all over the knownworld. 

It is a genealogy in sorts that include:

1) Direct Liniage   i.e. Knight or Master to Squire, Laurel to Apprentice,
Pelican to Protege
(SPECIAL NOTE)   This will NOT include any that have had their belts revoked.

2) Mundane marriage -   Within the scope of the Society there is a strong
concept married couples being treated as a direct liniage tie.  For this
reason it will be included.  (very period by the way)

3) Fostering -    Within the SCA there is a dynamic called "Fostering". That
comes into play when "your peer" (or in the case where there was NO peer in
the area to belt the individual... were talking ancient SCA lines here) is
not around or        available.  A peer, perhaps not in your field or of
your particular interest watches over and guides the "fledgling" as a Foster
Peer.  These will be used only to the first liniage lines with the exception
of where there was no peer. 

4) Household ties - This will be handled by listing the household with the
individuals name and then on a seperate area listing the Households and
their respective members.

Eventually my final goal would be to make this on one massive chart,
Including the Arms of each person beside their name and titles.  Oh I
know.... Im talking a long...long time!! 

Well thats it for now...  If your interested in knowing where you came from
or if your interested in seeing that your squire, apprentice or protoge
knows who their ancesters were, this is the opportunity.  

I remain......


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