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A comprehensive list of practices

Poster: J Harvey Davis <gerlach@erols.com>

Good evening to you all.

        Gerlach here. Baron Alan Gravesend and myself are compiling a list
of all
fighting (armored and unarmored) and archery practices in Atlantia. This
will be put online. The current plan is for all of the information to reside
off of
the Atlantian rapier page, although this might change. We want to have a
list so that any individual who is travelling, whether it be within Atlantia or
from another Kingdom, can attend the practices of their choice. 

        Now, we need the following:
Group name (including if it is a canton, shire, barony etc)
Type of practice (Armored, Rapier, Archery or Combat Archery)
*note: if it's a combined practice, please note all types held*
Location of practice (include any seasonal changes of location)
A point of contact for the practice (include a telephone # and also an
E-Mail address, if possible)
*note: the point of contact does not have to be the marshall in charge of
the practice.
       We want someone relatively easy to contact for directions and general
Time of the practice
Any special restrictions for the practice (like no black soled shoes)

        Please send all responses to me and NO TO ATLANTIA list. No sense
taking up
everyone else's bandwidth.

        Please desiminate this as widely as possible.

Gerlach Wiesengrund
955 Locust St
Herndon, VA
(703) 318-7879 before 10pm, please


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