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Re: Tourney of Ymir & Babylon 5

Poster: James Morrow <Achbar@worldnet.att.net>

MHWag@aol.com wrote:
> Poster: MHWag@aol.com
> For those attending Ymir who are off-board, and/or staying at the Hampton
> Inn, there is a decent restaurant/bar at the Hampton, as well as many fast
> food places.
> Also, Bab-Trek will be happening in Durham NC (30 miles down the road) the
> weekend of Ymir, for Babylon 5 addicts (I KNOW you're out there).
> Aileen

It's only 30 Miles away huh?
   I am going to be at that Con.  I am working security there.  Maybe, 
just maybe I could make it to the event?  i don't know.
  Ymir is so bloody inviting!  I made a commitment to be at this Con.   
I have to work it.   Me and my Bloody promises!

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