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March Exchequer Letter

Poster: "Hinson, Jerome" <hinson.msalan3@mhs.unc.edu>


Unto the good folk of Atlantia, greetings in most hearty wise.

     By the time this March Acorn comes to your hands, all financial 
reports for 1996 should be in the hands of your regional deputy.  It 
recently came to my attention that the address listed for my Northern 
Regional Deputies in the Acorn and in the letter that I sent out with the 
tax packets is incomplete.  I had failed to include Lord Ito's apartment 
number.  You will find the updated listing in this month's Acorn.  If you 
sent your paperwork to Lord Ito without the apartment number, your 
paperwork may have been delayed or lost, and you may want to give him a 
call to see if he received it.  I apologize for any hardship this may 
have caused.

     According to our records, as of February 6th, we have received NO 
paperwork from any of the following groups:  Azurmont, Berley Cort, 
Buckston-on-Eno, and Citadel of the Four Winds.  We have received only 
one report from Drachentor.  According to our records, St. Michael and 
St. Stephen are in dormant status.  Also, we have received no reports 
from the following incipient groups:  Caer Gelin, Cwmnewydd, Fortaleza, 
Marshal's Keep, Nant Gerwyn, Raven's Cove, Shendale, and Sylvan Keep.  

     Unless all 1996 reports from the groups listed above are in the 
hands of the appropriate regional deputy no later than February 15th  
these groups will have been recommended for suspension.  Please note that 
even if your group had no financial activity, a Negative Activity Report 
must be submitted to the Regional Deputy Exchequer each quarter.  This 
could entail photocopying the same sheet and just filling in the current 
reporting period and date.  If you have any questions about this, please 
contact me or one of my deputies.    
    The good news is that as of February 6th, we had all 1996 reports 
from the following groups:  Crannog Mor, Guardians of the Sacred Stone, 
Highland Foorde, Hindscroft, Kappellenberg, Stierbach and Tear Sea's 
Shore.  The exchequers of these groups have our gratitude for their 
efforts!  I would also like to thank my Regional Deputies, Lord Ito, 
Thaney, and Master Donovan for their hard work.  My thanks also go to the 
people who have graciously served as e-mail liaisons between myself and 
my exchequers.
     One thing that concerns me immensely is that we're getting a lot of 
incomplete paperwork.  This causes a lot of aggravation for myself and my 
deputies, not to mention phone costs and time unnecessarily wasted.  
Starting with the first quarter of 1997, all financial reports will be 
considered outstanding (unsubmitted) unless:  [1]  They are submitted on 
the current (1995 version) forms; [2] Balance Sheet is attached; [3]  
Income Statement is attached; [3] Exchequer Info Sheet is attached; [4] 
Bank Info Sheet and Reconciliation are attached; [5] Any necessary 
Supplemental Forms are attached, [6]  All paperwork is COMPLETE.  If you 
have any questions about this please let me know.
     Here is the current status of the Exchequer Warrant Roster:  As of 
February 6th, out of 54 groups, we had complete warranting paperwork for 
only TWELVE of them.  TWENTY-ONE groups still have NO warranting 
paperwork on file with us, and Twenty-one groups have incomplete 
warranting paperwork on file.  I hope to have a better tale for my next 
     1996 may be fading fast for some of you, but don't breathe that sigh 
of relief just yet.  By the time you receive this Acorn, the first 
reporting quarter for 1997 will have come to a close.  That's right - 
your first quarter reports will be due in the hands of your regional 
deputy no later than March 31st.  Aye, well . . . no rest for the wicked 
. . .

In service,

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