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Animals (horses) at events

Poster: "J.M.D'Agostino-Toney" <71035.3227@CompuServe.COM>

 Yes, I agree that notification that one may bring one's small pets (dogs,
ferrets, etc. to an event would be *extremely* beneficial.

I do wish to remind everyone that you may ***not*** under ***any***
circumstances bring horses to any SCA event unless the autocrat has declared
that it is an equestrian event.

As Atlantia does not yet have an Equestrian Guild, in order to have horses, even
a single old stolid pony, at an event the autocrat must first get the okay in
writing from the kingdom knight marshal (who is "responsible", just at the
archery marshals, the rapier marshals, the heavy marshal, etc. are responsible
for their specific fields - as Atlantia does not yet have a warrented equestrian
marshal, national says it's the responisbility of the kingdom knight marshal)
and written permission from the owner of the site where the event will be held.
Then there is paperwork that must be filled out with National SCA to activate
the insurance. It's currently $40 per event for "standard" coverage and $80 for
an extended policy. There are special rules and waivers for minors (like all
minors must wear a hard hat whenever mounted). 

We jumped through all these hoops and the autocrat (my housemate) and I paid the
$40 out of our own pockets to have 2 ponies at Emerald last year. 

They added tons to the ambiance of the event and the lady who rode them for us
had a blast but, please, no horses at SCA events unless you *do* comply with all
the rules. Otherwise, the autocrat of the event must be obligated to deny you
and your horse entrance to the site.

I have been investigating getting warrented but there hasn't seemed to be enough
interest in Atlantia yet. I was very active in the Equestrian Guild in the West
and participated in equestrian events at 3YC. There is an email list for SCA
equestrians, by the way (I think the address to subscribe is 
Type subscribe in the body of your message. If this doesn't work, email me and
I'll find the address)

				Lady Ana Ilevna
				MoA&S, Caer Mear

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