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Anyone in Ponte Alto (Nova) going to Ymir? I have a bundle for you to take down...

Poster: damian7@erols.com


My apologies for the lateness of this posting, but it
just this night came to my attention that a garb mix-up is a
little more of a problem than it was at first. To avoid
the details and a long story, let me just conclude that
I now have some garb that belongs to Countess Brigette
and needs to be returned to her (hopefully at Ymir). 

Unfortunately, I am not attending the Tourney of Ymir
but am hopeful that some good gentle would be willing
to return the garb to Countess Brigette (whom I hear
tell would like to enter some of the garb into an A&S
competition... but 'tis only a rumor, and I dare not
speak of this except to say that perhaps to her excellency
this is more than just mere lack of garb inconvenience...)

If you could contact me and let me know, I will try and arrange
an exchange before you leave (and will travel any reasonable
distance to do so.)   As some haste is required as we
have exactly Thursday and possibly Friday to arrange
the exchange.

My thanks for your time,


(Mundanely-  Justin McCune
for reasons of haste, please call me at 
my work number (202) 767-3919 before 6:00 p.m. and ask for Justin
or e-mail me at damian7@erols.com, or call my residence
at (703) 370-8603.

Hoping yet to get a good deed for the week in... ;>

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