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Fwd: Windmaster's Hill Gathering

Poster: "Hinson, Jerome" <hinson.msalan3@mhs.unc.edu>

On Thursday, February 13, Lady Sveva writes:
>Greetings Kind Gentles!

>I have heard rumors and rumblings about the Windmaster's Hill Gathering.
>But, facts I am very short on.  So, I presume it is still on the 22nd of
>February, but don't know where (somebody's house, I think) or when.  Can
>anyone out there help me?  You may contact me directly, but, since
>everyone I spoke with seemed as confused as I, maybe posting to the 
>is better!

Do you mean Windmasters - the Gathering <tm>?  The first one of these was 
held last April at the Camp Durant Training near Wake Forest.  

Plans were (very informally) discussed for Gathering II to be held 
possibly in place of Baronial Twelfth Night in the larger feast hall..  
However, Hurrican Fran had done so much damage to the Park that we were 
told that the park wouldn't be open for use until after January.

Sometime in October I heard that we might possibly have an alternate site 
in Durham, on Brigid of Linnhe's grandmother's land.  I don't know if the 
site has been checked out or whether it or any other site has been agreed 
upon.  As far as I know, no other plans have been made.  I haven't heard 
about the February 22nd date, but I'm not exactly active these days.

I have asked a few folks if they have heard about any plans being.  
Interest in holding Gathering II is *high*, but other than the above, 
that's all the information I could get.  

Probably the the best person to ask would be Master Valdemar at (919) 

Let me know if you find out anything.  I still have the contact 
information for Camp Durant.  If people are interested, I am willing to 
reserve the site and provide a map and flyer.  Ymir might be a good place 
to discuss it - most of the usual suspects should be there.


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