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A Request of the Populas

I am trying to get this out to as many of the populas in the SCA as 
possible. Any response would be greatly appreciated. Please read
the attached file.

Lord Marion Lang Boogschutter
Shire of Border Vale Keep
Kingdom Of Atlantia
To all the good gentles of the SCA:

Our thanks to all that wrote so many wonderful words after Syr Kane
O'Shannon's death.  We got a huge stack of letters that we read the
night of the wake, they will go into the chest of keepsakes for his 
son Alexander along with any pictures, videos or momentoes that anyone 
may want to donate.  Alexander was not left with anything to remember 
his father by (not his armor, his sword, nor any of his award parchments)
except what people would now be able to part with, so anything 
contributed will be greatly appreciated.  We plan on keeping it in the 
chest and giving it to him on his sixteenth birthday. 
 Many thanks for allowing me to take up you time.

The Honorable Baroness Beatrice Brandon
mka Jessica Mikell
20 Leonard Str.
Warrenville, SC 29851

Email may be sent to Lord Marion Lang Boogschutter at
scholten@southconn.com and will be passed on to me.