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Ymir - Notes from the Co-Autocrat

Poster: Lordgaelan@aol.com

Greetings unto the gentles of the Merry Rose,

I would first ask for this missive be printed and taken to all local meetings
and passed on to individuals that are not electronically connected.

I would first like to thank all the members of the populace who attended the
Tourney of Ymir.  There were many gentles that stepped forward to assist in
whatever had to be done and did so marvelously.  These gentles, I would like
to especially thank.

My CONGRATULATIONS go out to Syr Keigan Broussard and Provost Jacques
Aubaran.  These gentles are extremely deserving of this recognition.  I would
also congratulate those individuals that received other awards, but the list
is long & I'm still recovering.

I AM the keeper of the LOST & FOUND.  If you found anything and did not have
the opportunity to turn such items in or forgot to take something home with
you, please contact me at the number below after 930 pm but before midnight.

Items that have been found include:  a cloak, fan, flashlight, glave,
foil/epee, fencing mask, bits of feast gear, buckler, watch, sweatshirt,
military T-shirt, candle holder, half gauntlet, arrow, and a small jug with
an unknown liquid.

Items will have to be identified to my satisfaction.

In Service to Atlantia,
Lord Gaelan MacCuinneagain, KH

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