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Leaving Atlantia...

Poster: Chuck Graves <Chuck.Graves@faa.dot.gov>

     Greetings, one and all, from Tadhg and Meraud.
     We would like to announce that we will soon be leaving Atlantia, and 
     returning to our ancestral home of Ansteorra.  
     To our household, this move is bittersweet.  We will both be close to 
     our parents...and they will soon be able to exercise their 
     prerogatives to spoil our sons.  However, the friends we have made 
     here will truly be missed.  Were it not for the people of Atlantia, we 
     should never have truly felt at home here.
     At present, Tadhg plans to travel to the Barony of Namron to procure 
     and prepare the new estates.  Meraud will remain and attend to the 
     packing of the household, and to the shipping of our holdings.  Once 
     the estates in Namron are prepared, Tadhg will return and escort 
     Meraud and the children home.
     Tadhg should be departing for Namron (Oklahoma City, OK) on March 10 
     and will be returning for Meraud on April 4.
     Naturally, we will be at Coronation.  It will provide us the best 
     opportunity to say good-bye to many of our friends ere we depart.  And 
     you can rest assured, we will be at Pennsic.
     Words cannot describe how we feel right now:  the joy of returning 
     home; the pain of leaving our extended family here.  The people of 
     Faire Atlantia have blessed us with their wisdom and kindness, and we 
     can never thank you enough.
     All our love and thanks,
     Tadhg and Meraud
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