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Poster: "Kate Spears" <kspears@fdic.gov>

Kevin of Thornbury <kevin@maxson.com> wrote:

>Good gentles of my beloved Atlantia, greetings!

>	This past Saturday, at Ponte Alto's Fifth Baronial Birthday,
>	there were some well-deserved awards given by Their Gracious
>	Majesties!

>	The Order of the Golden Dolphin may welcome Lady Anne of Carthew!

>	And with Awards of Arms, we may congratulate:
>	Lady Rafn Myra, Chatelaine of Ponte Alto!
>	Lord Gruffudd ap Cadfael, Deputy Herald of Ponte Alto!
>	Lady Gwendolen ferch Cadwaladr ap Rhys, Silver Key of Ponte Alto!
>	To these noble people, I ask you charge your glasses!  VIVANT!

>	<chug>   <fling>   <CRASH!>
To which I add:

Vivat to his Excellency, Baron Corun MacAndra, who was also inducted into the 
Order of the Golden Dolphin, and
Three Vivats to the newest members of the Order of the Sea Urchin:
Arthur, Briar Rose, and Catherine!

And heartfelt thanks to Their Royal Majesties for honoring our Barony with 
Their presence--A good time was truly had by all.  Did you get enough olives, 
your Majesty? <g>

Yours in Service to Ponte Alto and Atlantia,

Lady Aislynn Fyrlocc
Ponte Alto 
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