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Fwd: Re: Really Cool Idea Exchange II

Poster: Annejke@prodigy.com (MS MARTHA L WALLENHORST)

Another real spiff idea for newbies and prospective newbies at demos 
is something my youngest daughter Nickolina, came up with.  Some of 
the children of the shire sat down with travel magazines and found 
pictures of the different major mundaine cities within Atlantia, then 
they looked for pictures that they thought would best represent the 
other areas of the kingdom and made thier own travel folder for the 
Kingdom of Atlantia.  It tells the name of the city, the groups SCA 
name, the area the group covers , the seneshales/ chatilanes e-mail 
address or mundane address and something about the group.  This took 
them about a week to complete and has been a charmer at demos for two 
years.  You can xerox it and give it to people who look like they are 
really interested.  You can get the magazines from any local travel 
agent.  They are usually very happy to get ride of the out of date 
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