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Really Cool Idea Exchange III

Poster: "Terry L. Neill" <Neilltl@ptsc.slg.eds.com>

I'd love to do more demos.  In my copious spare time (heh) I hope to drum up a
few more in the Caer Mear area.

In the demo's I've done, I try to bring activities that the kids (and their
parents) can do, too.

I've shown kids how to spin on a drop spindle by standing behind them, arms in
front of them, to show them how I do it.  Hold their hands while they do it,
and finally just let them to it.  Then I show them and their parents the
length of yarn they spun.

I'm bringing basket bases to Military Through the Ages with the idea that the
kids can help weave the baskets.

I've brought a yard (the large spar a square sail is tied to on a longship)
to a demo and let the kids use a draw knife to pare it down (this requires
CLOSE supervision!) and then let them keep the shavings.

Another idea is to let the kids write their name in runes.  Get someone who
knows their runes (or write them up with the ABCs underneath) to write the
kid's name in the dirt with a stick (or on a chalk board or a piece of paper)
and let the kid copy that onto a sliver of wood, strip of metal or piece of

We've done the calligraph the kid's name on a bookmark thing, too.  Lady
Mavi of Black Diamond usually xeroxes some decorative motif on the book mark
strip for the kids to color in.

What other demo ideas for the public do you all have?  The more hands-on, the

        - Anarra 

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