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Re: Canton of the Lost Cavern of the Amber Mount ??

Poster: "Scott Dean" <nacspsd@acs2.acs.ncsu.edu>

> Greetings from Eldred!


>  Just before I became a
> student at Clemson, Lost Caverns was formally dissolved.  Most of
> its members have graduated and moved on, and only a few folks in
> Falcon Cree remember the whole story.
> In service,
> Eldred
> Gordian Knot Pursuivant

So what is the policy (heraldry-wise) for devices registered to groups 
that are now dissolved?  Is there a point at which such devices would 
be released?  Or do they stay around forever as "history"?  As the 
group that assumed the area previously know as Lost Caverns, would 
Falcon Cree now "control" those devices?

(and everone thinks my lady wife is the the curious one... <grin>)
-- Manus MacDhai
   Kappellenberg/Windmasters' Hill

   Scott Dean
   NC State University
   Raleigh, NC  
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