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Re: Names & armory of defunct groups

Poster: Dave Montuori <damont@wolfstar.com>

Scripsit Alisoun:

> Actually, there is a procedure for releasing the arms of defunct groups
> even if the officers did not release them before dissolving the group.
> I put it into place when I was Laurel with the full approval and
> encouragement of the Board.  
> The current regs are included in the Administrative Handbook:
> "In the case of defunct Society branches, release may be granted by
> joint consent of the Crown and Kingdom Seneschal after appropriate
> notice in the newsletter of the kingdom in which the branch was located."

Allow me to clarify this. Individuals may release stuff registered to
them. Existing groups may release stuff registered to the group. Defunct
groups may have their names and armory released by joint consent of the
Crown and Kingdom Seneschal. The *procedure* for releasing stuff is the
same in each case: a request for release is sent by the appropriate party
to the submissions herald (in our case, Golden Dolphin), who places the
release on a Letter of Intent amongst all the other submissions.

Jaelle handled a number of these when she was Triton; more recently,
Atlantia released a couple of heraldic titles this past January.

In some cases a defunct group revives and re-registers its stuff later.
The most notable case was Curragh Mor (mka USS Nimitz) who re-registered
its name and armory in An Tir; the original registration was in Atlantia.

Evan, Kraken Herald, Laurel Staff Grunt

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