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Re: Canton of the Lost Cavern of the Amber Mount ??

Poster: "Thorpe, John" <thorpj@caepo1.columbiaSC.NCR.COM>

Greetings from Eldred!

Manus wrote:
>>>So what is the policy (heraldry-wise) for devices registered to groups
>>>that are now dissolved?  Is there a point at which such devices would
>>>be released?  Or do they stay around forever as "history"?

I responded:
>>However, to my knowledge, the name and the heraldry have not
>>been released.  To release the name and heraldry would take an
>>act by the Laurel Sovereign of Arms, and that would set a precedent
>>that no one would want (e.g. what do you do with the arms of some
>>one who has died and not left a "heraldic will" to release or transfer?).
>>Falcon Cree has no control over those devices.  Nottinghill Coill or
>>the Kingdom of Atlantia would be the logical choices if any group
>>could be said to "own" them now.  I'll defer to Triton or Laurel to
>>confirm or deny this, however.

Alanna Volchevo Lesa, Partan Pursuivant followed up:
>I don't believe it takes a Laurel precedent, Eldred.  Some years ago, (when
>Mistress Jaelle was Triton, IIRC) a fair number of defunct group names and
>devices were released.  I do not know for certain, but I would suspect that
>this would be done after consultation between Their Majesties, Triton, and
>probably Kingdom Seneschal.

>From what Alisoun said earlier, you are correct.  The Crown and Kingdom
Seneshal would be the ones involved in releasing the armory of a defunct
group.  At the time all this occurred, I don't think I was even a cornet 
so I have never seen or heard of this occurring before.  This is good info
to have, though.

>This one should have been included.  "Lost Cavern of the Amber Mount" is 
>a period or even perioid place-name.

Lost Cavern got registered in the early eighties--give 'em a break.  8^)
Depending on when this armorial release occurred, Lost Caverns might
have still been active.  I think it was dissolved right before I began
playing in Atlantia which would have been in 1990 or 1991.  I am also
well aware that the name is not remotely period.  I hope I didn't give the
impression that anyone had a hope of reclaiming the name....The
armory isn't too bad--except for one of the badges.  I guess we can get
the name and armory released now that someone has brought it to
our attention.

In service,

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