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About Irish Wolf Hounds

Poster: Kristi_Why@ena-east.ericsson.se (Kristi Why)

     Good Gentles,
     While we are discussing dog breeds, how about Irish Wolf Hounds?
     I was informed by someone (who really wants one) that though they are 
     very big @200lbs they are sweet, obedient,non slobbery, non shedding 
     and soft to the touch.  Also, that they are not hyper in anyway (I 
     have a Dalmatian and I dread the thought of what a dog four times her 
     size could do to my house).
     So, is it all true?  Is there more to the breed that I should know.
     And he tells me that this breed is period to the early middle ages.
     Elspeth of Wye
     "A two hundred pound dog!  Pour me the tallest glass you've got!  
     Better yet, just give me the whole bottle!"
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