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Re: About Irish Wolf Hounds

Poster: mn13189@WCUVAX1.WCU.EDU

On Wed, 26 Feb 1997, Kristi Why wrote:

>      While we are discussing dog breeds, how about Irish Wolf Hounds?
>      I was informed by someone (who really wants one) that though they are 
>      very big @200lbs they are sweet, obedient,non slobbery, non shedding 
>      and soft to the touch.  Also, that they are not hyper in anyway (I 
>      have a Dalmatian and I dread the thought of what a dog four times her 
>      size could do to my house).

I am not too familiar with this specific breed (although I'd like to
become more so.  When we can finally get our own place, I'd like to get an
Irish Wolfhound as a playmate for our mastiff), it is true of most big
breeds that they are not hyper.  The reason being that if you are breeding
a dog for size and strength, then hyper-activity is a trait that you do
not want to encourage.  It was bred out of most of them long ago.  With a
small, hyper dog, it is easy to kick it around, so to speak.  But how can
you control a 200 lb. animal that is hyper?  It becomes a danger.  So most
of the hyperactivity was bred out of the large breeds long ago.  I would
speculate this is also true of Irish Wolfhounds.

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