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Re: Request for info...

Poster: Suzanne Metzler <0002152178@mcimail.com>

My Lady Emma:

My lord and I have an English Mastiff pup.  She is just four and half
months old and weighs already 55 pounds (when full grown she will be
around 165 lbs).  

The only historical piece
I know is that the line "let slip the dogs of war" referred to by Shakespear
refers to the mastiff.  I too read that they were used as hunting dogs
(but used as part of the kill, not to track or flush game like other
dogs), as well as war dogs.

Now to uphold the honor of our dog:  The modern breed is known to be gentle with children even when not
raised with them, protective of its territory, slobbery <alas, too
true> but they are NOT stupid, pigheaded yes, stupid no. (After all
they were smart enought to kill Roman soldiers).  They are very
willful and if they do not want to do something they just passivley
resist (read pretend that they are only 10 lbs and look away) and since
 they are so big it can be difficult to get them to do
what you want. Also since they ahave the square head, droppy jowls
and eyes like a Saint Barnards, they tend to look kind of dopey and
good natured.  Theyu are good natured but not dopey.  They do not shed badly and are short haired. 

Their period coloring was brindled.  Now they also come in a solid
gold with black mask and ears and toes as well as the brindled coloring
(for you cat fans this is the same color as tortious shell).

We have been very happy with the breed.

If the weather is fine on Saturday, March 8, we may bring our pup to
the Sea Dog Tavern hosted by Storivk and Ponte Alto <plug, plug>.

Sue Metzler/Tehair MacDiarmada
Proud Mastiff Owner/Joint Proprietess Sea Dog Tavern 

> Greetings all.
> I was wondering if anyone reading this knew anything about the medieval
> history of the English Mastiff (i.e., uses of them, stories about them,
> etc...)  I ave been able to find precious little on my own, and would
> appreciate any help available.
> Thanks.
> Aye,
> Eogan

Emma the Big ( that's size not amount)dog lover pips up

>Mastiff--- english 
>Originated as/in one of the ancient breeds of Europe as War dogs.  They
>forght alongside their masters to repel the invasion of Britain by the
>Roman Legions in 55 bc. 
>The Romans recognized the dogs great courage and imported them to Rome
>(read stole them) to fight in gladiatorial contest against bulls, bears,
>lions, tigers, and East Relmers.    The breed of war  dogs they come
>from were so admired that Mastiff-Like Dogs generally called " dogues"
>eventually were to give their name to all domestic dogs.
>Currently- Working Breed.
>-from the New complete book of the Dog.

>The only one I ever worked with was loyal, slobbery, sofe in the brain,
>and audibly flatulant.  Needless to say we didn't win the dog show. 
>Other than that I was rather fond of him.

>Now anyone know a Clumber Spanial Breeder????? Or where I can get a
>Dogue de Bordeaux really cheap..we're talkin' good home here.

>Emma of House Wildrose, Lady Lawless 

> Now buy me a beer..and let me pet your dog.

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