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Dogs - the real poop

Poster: linneah@erols.com

It seems to me that, of all the breeds dicussed, no one has mentioned the one 
type of dog that would have been seen all though the Middle Ages - the mutt.  
Having grown up in a show family and lived most of my life with German 
Shepards (who, incidently, shed gobs all year!), I can tell you that for health, 
longevity and intellegence, a carefully selected mutt can't be beat.  The health 
problems that occur in pure bred dogs is due to the inbreeding it takes to create 
and maintain the breed.  Big dogs are prone to dysplasia, other breeds to 
deafness and other health problems.  Though I love the romantic-ness of the 
pure breeds, they all started out as mutts.

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