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Classes at Jongleurie

Poster: "Scott Vaughan" <vaughan~sf@glaxowellcome.com>

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For all those interested, following is a listing of 
classes/workshops that will be offerred at the upcoming 
Jongleurie on Mar 22 in Elvegast. If you don't see yourself on 
the list and want to teach something related to leisure 
activities or performing arts, please contact me (e-mail or 919-
319-1910). Please share this list at your local meetings with 
people who may not have internet access. (this list is subject to 

.Jew's Harp - Rabah az-Zafar
.Al-Falahia (Zodiac Game) - Rabah
.Card Games - Kara in Danska
.Middle English Lyrics and "Summer is Icumen in" - Eogan Og 
MacLaren and Alfredo el Bufon
.Some Scottish Ballads - Eogan Og MacLaren
.Lap Dulcimer Basics - Eogan Og MacLaren
.Pythagorean Tuning and the Medieval harp - Brigantia (whose 
surname I can't seem to find/recall)
.Some Bransles and Country Dances - Tangwystl ferch Morgana
.Intro to Pennsic - Tovah (surname?)
.Beginning Doumbek - Arawynn of Ravenhall
.Children's Parade - Nadia Stopka
.Troubadors, Trouveres and Jongleurs - Efenwealt Wystle
.Bardic Arts 101 - Anna MacKenzie
.Performing Tips for singers - Anna MacKenzie

There are more that have not been finalized yet. I will post the 
complete list when available.

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