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Re: Really Cool Idea Exchange II

Poster: Scott Silvers/James of Westmorland <ssilvers@liberty.uc.wlu.edu>

On Tue, 4 Mar 1997, Ed Hopkins wrote:

really cool kids idea snipped

> What would happen if you did this with little beanbags stuffed
> with beans, and an actual metal helm?  I think it'd look a little
> more like something children would have done in the Period, but
> maybe there's some other reason (such as safety) that made the
> Calontiri opt for plastic.

	If I may thrown in my 2 coins...
	I'm not from calontir, not have I ever seen this game played, but 
I think I can offer a simple reason why they use milk containers.  
They're cheap!!!!!   Honestly, it is hard to get a fighter's helm away 
from them when they want to fight (I'm a fighter, so I speak from 
experience) and unless you're going to shell out $50 minumum for a helm, 
and maybe more than one, it makes sense to just use the cheap spray 
painted plastic for the little ones.


Who is bouncing up and down because his name and device passed Laurel!!!!!!

James Beckett of Westmorland
Per pale gules and azure, a griffin sergeant between three lozenges Or

*bounce* *bounce*

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