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Feast of Fools!

Poster: angela@ascc01.ascc.lucent.com (Angela Pincha-Neel - ASCC)

                               Feast of Fools

                                March 28-30

Spring is in the air and foolishness abounds!! Come join the Canton of
Atillium in a celebration of Spring and Frivolity. There are many activities
planned for both fighting and non-fighting. There will be an open A&S
competition and a most-NON-period SCA garb competition. This means
the garb must still resemble clothing of the period in some way but can
be made of weird fabrics or colors, include zippers, snaps or Velcro or
whatever else you can think of. Be creative. Judging will be done in
fashion show style. A bardic competition and a fools competition will
also be held.

For the heavy fighters, there will be an off-hand tourney (this is a
sword and shield tourney, but you must fight with your off hand), a
Marvin Melee (rules to be explained on site) and an armored Frisbee
game. Light fighters will have a "ring their bell" tourney. There will
also be a Silly Weapons tourney - this is for non-armored fighters
(thats anyone) using anything that is not usually a weapon. (such as
a stuffed animal, a pillow, an article of clothing, juggling balls,
Nerf toys etc., again be creative) The marshal, of course, has final say
on all potential weapons.

A fools court will be held at the discretion of Her Excellency as well as
"normal" court. There will be a bardic circle after feast and dancing if
there is enough interest.

AUTOCRAT: Baroness Prydain Aurelia Emrys (mka Kacey Carter) 273 Kinlaw Rd.
Fayetteville, NC 28311. (910) 482-3695 (NLT 10pm).

Cost: $12 adults on board,
      $ 6 on board children 6 -12,
      $ 0 children 5 and under are guests of the Canton,
      $ 4 Off board

Make checks payable to the Canton of Atillium/SCA, Inc.

Site opens 6pm Fri. 28th and closes Noon Sun 30th. Campers are welcome
and some crash space is available.


>From North/South:
>From I-95, take exit 49. At the top of the ramp turn EAST toward
Elizabethtown/White Lake on *** Hwy. 53. 6.6 miles from I-95, Hwy. 53 will bear
to the right...Stay on Hwy. 53. Turn Right into Cape Fear Scout Reservation
(16.6 miles from I-95) Look for the SCA signs. Once you enter the reservation,
bear Left. You will go completely around the lake to the Troll.

>From the West: From Spring Lake/Ft. Bragg:
Follow Hwy. 210 through Fayetteville until you cross I-95. You will now be on
Hwy. 53. Follow the North/South directions from *** above.

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