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Southern war Prat

Poster: "Luisa O'Reilly" <flamingbolt@mindspring.com>

Greetings Unto All from The House of The Flamingbolt,

Southern War Pract. was alot of fun and a learning experience.  It was a
beautiful day, great friends, great merchants, just a good time. VIVAT

We have a household of 6 good archers and since we are members of the
Windmasters Hill Baronial Archer Corp. (WHBAC pronounced way-back) can be a
FORCE of 10 good archers.  What we are looking for are fighter pratices
(with fields big enough) in this area (Raleigh, 60mile radius) to help us
learn tactics which can best use the archer corp in War. (Pennsic is coming
up).  Someone who is willing to teach us the tactic of battle with heavy
fighters.  Archer were not only used in volly fires but also with the
spearmen in battle, behind war shields and also as snipers.  This invitation
also goes out to Rapier.  We want to learn.

In Service,
Steafan O'Reilly and Household
Luisa O'Reilly                             April Riley
House of the Flaming Bolt              Scrivner Royale
WHBAC and SWAT member	    flamingbolt@mindspring.com

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