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Re: Summer University WAS RE: Seneschal's letter

Poster: Stephen Mumford <redline@shore.intercom.net>

> I'm glad that there has been no "desire" to disenfrachise the southern
> members of the kingdom, but statements as quotes such as "...schedule
> these meetings in a way that will enable the participation of the largest
> possible number of people who are interested" and then holding said
> meeting at one end of the kingdom where an entire section will be hard
> pressed to attend, only breeds questions as to our status in the eyes of
> the kingdom.

Offhand, I would wonder what the actual demographics are with regards to
the distribution of SCAdians in Atlantia.  I might imagine that there
are more SCAdians in the northern regions of Atlantia than in the
southern reaches, if only because of the Baltimore/Washington metro area
provides a greater population density.

If that is indeed the case, then holding the meetings in question in
the northern reaches of Atlantia would make it more convenient
for the majority of people.  Admitatedly, that doesn't help a lot for the
Southern Atlantians, though...

Julien de Montfort
Web Minister
Canton of Spiaggia Levantina

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