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Re: Summer University WAS RE: Seneschal's letter

Poster: William Morris <william.morris@sc.edu>

>If that is indeed the case, then holding the meetings in question in
>the northern reaches of Atlantia would make it more convenient
>for the majority of people.  Admitatedly, that doesn't help a lot for the
>Southern Atlantians, though...

I don't doubt that the majority of Atlantians reside in the North.  
However, if we are to judge what is proper for everyone by what is the 
case for the north, we do a terrible disservice to a large segment of the 
populace...not a majority perhaps...but a large segment none-the-less.

I've noticed that, in addition to, or because of, the geographical 
differences, there are "cultural" differences.  When you start taking 
that into account, you begin to notice how "belittling" it can feel to be 
forced to travel great distances just to get to a "royal" event.

And before anyone has the opportunity to flame me, I'm aware that there 
are kingdoms much larger than Atlantia where individuals must travel 
great distances on a regular basis to get to any event.  Let me simply 
state that this is not one of those kingdoms, this is Atlantia, and I 
base my judgements, thoughts, and feelings, on that reality.

Sorry for the soapbox...

Lord Liam a'Welwyn, Seneschal,Canton of Cyddlain Downs,
Chronicler, Barony of Nottinghill Coill,
and Free Scholar of the Academie d'Espee

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