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Re: Summer University WAS RE: Seneschal's letter

Poster: William Morris <william.morris@sc.edu>

from me (liam)
>> If I remember correctly, this thread started over the kingdom meeting we
>> are supposed to have.  If this is not the case, then please ignore the
>> following.  However, if this is the case then...
>> I believe the difficulty lies in the fact that a "kingdom wide meeting"
>> is to be held...somewhere up north.  For some of us who would like to
>> attend, it's a 10 hour drive or more.  Hardly conducive to getting a fair
>> representation of the populous.
from keilyn:
>From Director O'Leary's letter, published in the December Acorn, I
>"We anticipate that two Directors will attend each meeting (and will try
>to schedule our
>participation in the most cost-effective possible way). We are asking
>the Kingdoms to schedule these meetings in a way that will
>enable the participation of the largest possible number of people who
>are interested"
I'm glad that there has been no "desire" to disenfrachise the southern 
members of the kingdom, but statements as quotes such as "...schedule 
these meetings in a way that will enable the participation of the largest 
possible number of people who are interested" and then holding said 
meeting at one end of the kingdom where an entire section will be hard 
pressed to attend, only breeds questions as to our status in the eyes of 
the kingdom.

>"If you find yourself unable to attend your Kingdom's meeting but live
>near a neighboring Kingdom, perhaps you can attend that meeting. Failing
>that, feel free to write us with your suggestions, but please mark the
>letter "Strategic Plan." Please understand that your opinions are
>important to us, whether you are peer or peon, whether you have been a
>member since the very beginning or since last Tuesday."
>At the seneschal's meeting at Unevent we discussed the need to hold this
>meeting.  Having had no volunteers  to host it, and having Curia already
>scheduled after Crown Tourney (and even farther north), it seemed that
>University was the next best choice. Regrettably, there are no Kingdom
>events scheduled for further south than Richmond until this fall, and
>the letter from the Board emphasizes that they'd like to get some
>progress made on this project.  In addition, the DC Metro area, as I
>explained before, provides easy access for a second Board member.

>Certainly this decision was not made with the intent of disenfranchising
>those living in the south of Atlantia.  If there is sufficient interest,
>we could hold a southern meeting (albeit probably without Board members
>present) and assemble the results and submit them to the Board) - I
>would be glad to assist with coordination, etc.
>As ever, in service,

As this may be the only way to have our voices heard, I will gladly 
volunteer to moderate a Southern Council of members.  In addition, I will 
ensure that the "minutes/suggestions" from the meeting will be typed up 
and I will personally deliver them to the meeting in the DC area (luckily 
I have the annual leave to take a day off to travel...not everyone is so 

If you are in agreement, or see no difficulties with this Keilyn, let us 
continue this discussion with private e-mail.  I would, however, like to 
hear the crowns opinion of this situation, and get an idea of the 
interest level of the southern members on the rose.  Please respond 
either to the Rose or personally to me (william.morris@sc.edu).

Thank you for allowing me to take up so much of your time my fellow 

In Service to the People and the Law,

Lord Liam a'Welwyn, Seneschal,Canton of Cyddlain Downs,
Chronicler, Barony of Nottinghill Coill,
and Free Scholar of the Academie d'Espee

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